Boy Azooga

Boy Azooga is a Welsh indie project formed in Cardiff, Wales in 2017. It is the project of the singer and instrumentalist Davey Newington. He was raised by musicians and grew up learning a number of different instruments. Newington was influenced by the artists and groups The Beach Boys, Run-D.M.C., and William Onyeabor. He was previously known as Bongo Fury and played the drums in Charlotte Church’s Late Night Pop Dungeon. After starting Boy Azooga he released the single “Face Behind Her Cigarette” in 2017. He signed a record deal with the label Heavenly and released the album 1, 2 Kung Fu! in 2018 with the label that was sung and recorded by Newington. For performing live Newington formed a live group to perform the projects music. The members of the live band are Davey Newington on vocals and guitar, Sam Barnes on bass guitar, Dylan Morgan on keyboards, and Dafydd Davies on drums.

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