Bryan “Bryanboy” Yambao

Bryan Grey Yambao or known as Bryanboy is a Filipino fashion blogger born in Manila, Philippines on March 21, 1981. Yambao is best known for his popular men’s fashion blog called Bryanboy. He started his blog from his parents home in Manila at the age of 24. He was awarded the Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle blog in 2007. In 2012 and 2013 he was the social media correspondent on the panel on America’s Next Top Model in cycle 19 and 20. He has been featured in a number of big media articles, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the New York Post, and Yambao is known for his signature pose with his hips thrust to one side and a handbag on an outstretched arm. He has a large following on social media with 680k followers on Instagram, 519k followers on Twitter, and 90k followers on Facebook.

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