Darell Castro

Darell Castro is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter born in Puerto Rico on January 5, 1990. He started his music career by forming the duo Belto & Darell and was part of the group from 2010 to 2011. Together they released the songs “Si Te Dicen”, “Sateo”, “Entrega La Maldad” and others. The duo disbanded and he became a solo artists toward the end of 2011. He became well known after Nengo Flow’s Label Real G4 Life named him an artist to watch. He released his debut album titled La Verdadera Vuelta that contained the songs “La Brega”, “Blanco”, “No Le Dices Na” and “No Me Hablen de Calle.” In 2019 he released his second studio album titled Everybody Go To The Discotek. He has collaborated with a number of artists, including Barber V13, Lawrentis & Pouliryc, Anuel AA, Tempo, Nengo Flow, Farruko and others.

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