Despised Icon

Despised Icon is a rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada which was formed in January 2002. The group is made up of Alex Erian, Eric Jarrin, Ben Landreville, Steve Marois, Alex Pelletier, Sebastien Piché, and Yannick St-Amand.

The group released their debut album in October 2002, Consumed by Your Poison through Galy Records. This album was reissued in 2006. The second album by Despised Icon, The Healing Process, followed in 2005. This was followed by Ills of Modern Man in 2007 which made it to the Billboard Heat chart, peaking at No. 28. The said album includes the songs “In the Arms of Perdition” and “Furtive Monologue.”

Day of Mourning, which followed in 2009, was at No. 162 of the Billboard 200. Other albums by the band include Montreal Assault in 2009 and Beast in 2016.

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