Los Enanitos Verdes

Los Enanitos Verdes is an Argentinian rock group formed in Mendoza, Argentina in 1979. The members of the band are Marciano Cantero, Felipe Staiti, Jota Morelli, and Daniel Piccolo. The band’s name translates to Little Green Men. They released their debut studio album in 1984 self-titled Los Enanitos Verdes. They have since released the albums Contrarreloj, Habitaciones Extranas, Carrousel, Igual que Ayer, Big Bang, Guerra Gaucha, Nectar, En Vivo, Tic Tac, Planetario, Había una vez and more. The band has released albums through the labels Sony Music, EMI Music, and Universal Music. They have toured around Argentina, Chile, and the United States. In 1998 they were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock Album for their album Traccion acustica.

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