Pj Liguori

Pj Liguori was born on December 11, 1990 in Peterborough, England. He is well known for his many talents including being a vlogger, YouTuber, storyteller and filmmaker. He is mostly known for his YouTube channel “KickthePj,” which has 1,390,829 subscribers. His most known work is his part in the comedy series “Oscars Hotel for Fantastical Creatures.” That is not his only appearance, seeing as he also appeared in The Fallen and Ashens and The Quest For The Game Child. In October 2011, Pj released an album by the name Stories From Somewhere. The album tells short stories in the form of a song. He has taken part twice in the internet series Becoming Youtube.  Pj made a big announcement in July 2017 when he joined Patreon.

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