Temples is an alternative band formed in Kettering, England in 2012. The members of the band are James Bagshaw, Adam Smith, and Tom Walmsley.

The group released their debut album, Sun Structures, in 2014. The said release climbed to No. 7 of the UK charts. In the same year, the group released the EPs Shelter Song and Mermerise Live. The band was also invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In 2016, the band released the single Keep in the Dark. In 2017, the group released another single Toe Rag Session and the Born into the Sunset remix.

The group’s sophomore album, Volcano, which was released in 2017 also made it to No. 23 of the UK charts. Popular tracks from their latest album include Certainty, Oh the Saviour, and Strange or Be Forgotten.

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