The Growlers

The Growlers is an alternative band formed in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. The group’s current members are Brooks Nielsen, Kyle Straka, and Matt Taylor. In 2009, the group released their debut album Are You in or Out under Everloving Records. In 2010, the group released the EP Hot Tropics followed by another album Hung at Heart in 2013. In the same year, they released the album Gilded Pleasures which includes the tracks “Hiding Under Covers,” “Ol’ Rat Face,” “Humdrum Blues,” and “Tell It How It Is.”

In 2014, they released another album Chinese Fountain which contains 11 tracks including “Love Test” and “Going Gets Tough.” In 2016, The Growlers dropped City Club. The group’s most recent album, “Casual Acquaintances,” which includes the songs “Problems III” and “Drop Your Phone in the Sink.”

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